Worldwide reservations

Our services are not limited to Germany only; We reserve for you in all European countries and worldwide.

As a result of decades of international work, we now have an extensive network of long-standing partner companies who understand customer service as we do. These partners have proven time and again that they meet the needs of our guests. We trust them.

So if you need the services we offer abroad, you can always contact us.

We take the language and communication problems from you. And also the organizational difficulties due to different time zones.

Limousines, vans or buses can be booked internationally: for arrivals at the airport, for business trips. Or for a sightseeing and shopping tour.

We handle all transport needs for visitors and delegations, from arrival to departure. Including planning assistance, advice and programming. We provide qualified personnel and contact persons on site and are available for you around the clock. Wherever you travel, plan your transfers and transports with us:

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+ 49 - 69 - 27 10 10
Monday - Sunday
(also on all holidays)

AN agency, ONE contact person and ONE billing center.


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Worldwide reservations

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Telephone 069-271010 or by e-Mayl. Or use ours inquiry Form

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